Account Usage/Delete timeout

We’re currently running 2018.6.5 (with a planned upgrade to 2018.7.14 tomorrow); however, I see nothing in the release notes which suggests this issue will be resolved.
We have approximately 10,000 rows in our DeploymentProcess table; with approximately 1Gb of data (from the JSON field, so all stored out-of-row in LOB data blocks).
Deleting an account or clicking on “LOAD ACCOUNT USAGE” is timing out after 60 seconds with the following error:

Exception occurred while executing a reader for SELECT * FROM dbo.[DeploymentProcess] WHERE ([JSON] LIKE @accid) ORDER BY [Id]
SQL Error -2 - Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
The wait operation timed out

If I execute the query in SSMS, I can see that SQL is taking roughly 120 seconds to read all of that JSON data in order to fulfil the query.

Performance problems of this sort were supposed to be fixed in a 2018.2.x release, can you please suggest a remedy/fix? ( our SQL server is perfectly adequate for the role, but the amount of work required of it to check if an azure service principal is used in a deployment process seems way over the top :slight_smile: )


Update; our upgrade from 2018.6.5 to 2018.7.14 has actually fixed this issue, you can close this ticket, many thanks,

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