Accessing a file from a different version of the same NuGet package during Octopus deployment

We use Octopus Deploy 3.2.16 to deploy a NuGet package to an Azure Cloud Service.

From our Deploy.ps1 file, we need to identify the newest NuGet package published in this feed.

For example, we have this scenario:

Day 1: we deploy v1.0.0
Day 2: we deploy v.1.0.1
Day 3: we re-deploy v1.0.0

When re-deploying v1.0.0 on Day3, the Deploy.ps1 Powershell script that gets executed during deployment needs to identify the highest-version NuGet package in the current feed (I.E. “v1.0.1”), then retrieve and use a certain file form this package (I.E. “Library.dll”)

Any suggestion on how can this be done?

Hi Marin,

Thanks for reaching out. There’s really no pretty way of doing this. Octopus works under the best practice of having a single artifact/package that contains all the elements your app needs to work. Downloading another package just to get 1 file of it is not something we encourage people to do.

The only way I can think to do this would be to:

A) Download the package using nuget.exe from your Nuget server. This won’t be possible if you are using Octopus’ built-in feed in which case you’ll need to add a 2nd step to deploy 1.0.1 first so it is available when you deploy 1.0.0.

B) If the package is already on the server and you deploy every package to a different directory, fetch the file from v1.0.1's path.

Sorry its not the answer you were looking for