Access control issue for different teams


We are expanding the Octopus deploys for different teams and now exploring the options to control access for teams. I’m able to control the access by using project groups in teams for Projects, Infrastructure, Environments.

I don’t see any option to control the access for below items under Library. Basically teams should not see existing script modules , packages or variable sets but they should be able to create their own scripts modules , variable sets or upload their own package.

  • Packages
  • Script Modules
  • Variable Sets

I couldn’t find a way to achieve above requirement. Is there any way to control the access for Library items?. Please advise on this.


Hi Ramana,

Thanks for reaching out with your question!

Right now, you can’t scope access to these things to a team. At the moment the best we can provide is giving you the option to make some teams have access to all, or none of the above using the built in User Roles, or making your own custom user roles.

That said, we have nearly finished the implementation of a feature that solves this problem, called ‘Spaces’ (short description here: ). So please, watch this space!

All the best,


Thanks Jim for reply. Do you know any tentative date for Spaces feature release?

No problem Ramana,

At this point it’s sometime in Q4, stay tuned to the blog we’ll be making some noise when it’s closer to shipping.

Kind regards,


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