Ability to clone?


I’m just wondering if there is a way to clone certain things for when we branch our current version and go onto the next, for example the channel, the lifecycle etc.?

So we have a channel say 1.0.0 with a lifecycle to match, then when we create 1.1.0 we want a new channel with a new lifecycle matching the old one, which will then have slightly different rules

Or if the channel page could be made better, so to be able to select multiple packages on the versioning popup (we have 9 packages for a release, they all should have the same version but I have to click Add Step and click just one, then ok, and repeat 8 more times)

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately there’s no built-in way to clone a channel or lifecycle. However I’m not sure that I fully understand your setup - do you mean you have multiple package steps (deploying different packages for a single release) in which you want slightly different version rules defined for them? If this is accurate, maybe what would help is to create multiple version rules in a single channel (see first screenshot). You can also add multiple package steps for a single rule (see second screenshot).

Additionally, with version ranges, you have control over which rules apply for many different package versions. Check out our channels doc page section for more info on version rules. Does this help?

Let me know how you go, and if I have misunderstood in any way. I’ll be happy to reassess with some more details. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hi Kenny

Thanks for confirming, I’ll just continue to manually recreate for now - I’m hoping to get more space so I can deploy more than one version at a time so don’t have to mess with lifecycles moving Dev, and Int, and Test environments between the previous and current lifecycles each time we branch.

For the channel pages, I’m aware I can add multiple steps (as you’ve highlighted in the Rule_Add_Step screenshot but as I have 9 packages in a deployment, it takes a short while to click Add Step, select one package, press Okay, click Add Step, select one package, press Okay, click Add Step (hopefully you can see the needless repeatable process here) so was wondering if it’s possible to get the Add Step dialog to be a select multiple option like other parts of Octopus is, so I click Add Step, select package after package after package then press Okay - so much quicker?


Hi Gavin,

That’s not a problem! I can definitely see how the process of adding individual steps would be repetitive when you need to define many steps. Unfortunately it’s currently not possible to select more than one at a time. Your ideas to clone channels, and mass-selecting package steps for version rules may be great ideas to suggest up on our UserVoice site. This is our main avenue when considering features and enhancements like this for future releases.

Additionally, as Octopus is API first, you could script these repeatable actions. We have a wiki around using the API here.

And here are a lot of sample scripts that you’re more than welcome to look through if it helps. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions at all.

Best regards,