4.0.3: Issue with drop-down variable templates after upgrading to V4

Hi Guys - Loving the new look and feel of version 4. I’ve upgraded my testing site to try it out, and the only issue I have found so far relates to the variable templates. Previously, you could specify values for a drop-down template with an optional display value, separating them with a pipe symbol. Now it appears these display values are mandatory. I have two types of sets, one with a mix of values and also values with display values, and a second type which just has values (no display values).
Existing tenants that already have values defined for these variables are now appearing to be empty if they were previously allocated a value that had no display value. For example, our Azure Subscriptions template has values defined like this (obscured for privacy):
sub2|Subcription Two
sub4|Subscription Four

Now when you go to the Tenant screen to review the variables, the drop-down contents for this template display like this:
Subscription Two
Subscription Four

So any drop-down values that do not have display text defined show as ‘1’ and there appears to be no value set for this variable since upgrading.

The templates that have no display values defined appear as all 1s when you open the drop-down.

I’m sure you’ll have no trouble reproducing this issue, and would be interested to hear your opinion on how to resolve it. At present, my only workaround is to enforce display values for all drop-down templates, fortunately the actual values are still correctly stored in the database, so they are just displaying as ‘1’ when there is no display value set for the selected value.

Cheers, Simon.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for a great bug report. It’s fixed now and will ship with Octopus 4.0.4.



Fantastic, thanks Pawel!