[3.7.8] External feed Azure Artifacts Full Access PAT 401s


Our previous PAT expired sometime last week, and upon generating a new one, either with limited package read/write scope or full access, it is getting 401s upon testing in Octopus

This is on version 3.7.8


Resolved… I think it was due to caching or text encoding when copying the PAT from local to Octopus VM. Had to restart the Octopus services in there somewhere too

Hi Blair,
Welcome to the Octopus forum.

Glad to see you got it resolved so quickly and you’re back up and running.

Just to note your version is quite old and while we will always endeavour to support all our products as much as we can, you might find upgrading will resolve many issues as well as add additional security to your instance.

Have a great day and feel free to reach out with any issues.

Kind Regards,

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