3.4 beta1 minor bug when saving tenant variables after changing a variable to be a password


I’m evaluating the 3.4 beta1, since if we use Octopus, we’d wait for the tenant feature to RTM.

I got an error by doing the following,

  1. Define a tenant template variable as single line and set it.
  2. Later, change to to be control type of the varaible to be sensitive/password.
  3. Go to the project variables for a tenant and click the reset button for that variable (the variable initially shows as a multiline box, which confused me up front).
  4. Afet clicking reset, do not set a new value, and click Save.
  5. Exceptions are displayed in the UI. See attached.

Thanks for this bug report. I have been able to reproduce part of this issue so have created a github ticket to track its progress. Hopefully it should be sorted before 3.4.0 RTW however with the beta2 going out in the next few days it may not make this next pre-release.
I was unable to get the exception you saw as it just seemed to block me from making any changes. The screenshot you alluded to in the post appears to have not made its way over :).
Thanks again for this report and i’m otherwise glad to hear that you are giving the 3.4-beta01 a good try out. With help from users like yourself hopefully by the full release we will have bugs like this ironed out.

Thanks for looking at this. It is fairly minor, buth I thought I’d feed it back.
I’ll have another go at attaching the screeshots.

Thanks for the info,
Ive appended that screenshot to the ticket.