3.4.0-alpha0002 Environments Page - Tenant Tags Display


In 3.4.0-alpha0002 on the Environment page I can see tentant tags but only the colour is shown. I know there are changes coming for this page but wanted to make sure there was a plan to display the tenant tag text as well as the colour? Currently I have to hover over each colour to see the text which isn’t great when I have hundreds of deployment targets. It would be better to see the tag text at a glance as I can for roles tags today or at least have an option to enable this.


Best Regards,

Hi Blair,

Thanks for offering your feedback again! We are testing out a few different concepts around displaying this information. In the sample we’ve been working with, we have several different tag sets that could all be applied to each tenant, and we found that by showing the entire tag (color and name) it would blow out certain displays. (The example I’m thinking of is the Tenant selection designer/preview) The idea here is to collapse all tags with the same color into a single “square” or “indicator” assuming each color has a similar interpretation. This could increase our data density without blowing out the display.

In the case of Deployment Targets, I can see how the “data density” argument doesn’t really hold water! Again in our sample, we only ever have one tag set that applies to Deployment targets, which is our “Hosting” tag set, either “Dedicated” or one of the “Shared Pool X” tags. Also in the dedicated case, I can see how it would also make sense to display the name of the “owning” tenant.

I’ll bring this up in our sprint review today. Thanks again for your feedback! Make sure to keep us in the loop as your testing progresses. :slight_smile: