3.2.23 - lost dashboard/permissions after logging out

We have an Octopus 3.2.23 installation where, as of this morning, as soon as anyone logs out and then back in they see a blank dashboard and next to no links, regardless of their permissions.

When trying to configure a dashboard we see the following error: You do not have permission to perform this action. Please contact your Octopus administrator. Missing permission: EnvironmentView

I have been through the logs and cannot find anything in them, other than the error above, that indicates any sort of issue.

We are using AD for authentication

The only other thing I can see is that we seem to have duplicate usernames in the User database. The duplicate users have been created since the issue started occurring

Found the issue, changes were made to AD overnight, which caused Octopus to identify our accounts as being new

Hi Christian,

Thanks for getting in touch, and happy to hear you found the issue. This has occurred for other customers and in Octopus Deploy 3.5 we have addressed it by updated the user handling on login to check UPN, samAccountName and email addresses when trying to identify known users (in previous versions we only checked UPN).

If your user records in Octopus have email addresses assigned, a possible path forward might be to upgrade to 3.5.*.

Hope this helps and if I can be of further assistance please let me know.


Hi Shannon,

We are definitely looking to upgrade to 3.5.* - will there be any issue when doing so with the user data the way it is?


You’d be best to delete the new user records that got added as duplicates then it should be fine. If they are still there then it could possibly pick them up incorrectly as the existing user record.


Good to know, thank you