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There is a disturbing text in the background of the Process window.
I am using the latest release Octopus Deploy

Hi Torsten,

What browser are you using?

Do you get the same results when browsing this server? https://demo.octopusdeploy.com/app#/projects/octofx-rate-service/process/step/b4cb4cf2-ca19-457f-8b28-dc5c3861ad51


Hi Paul

I was using Chrome. With Firefox the background text does not appear.
On the site of the link provided I do not get the background text in Chrome either.

Whatever you changed works.

Thank you

This looks like a known jQuery autocomplete quirk - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13011127/how-to-remove-change-jquery-ui-autocomplete-helper-text - I’ll add an issue to see if we can repro/fix it.