2 OD Servers with Same DataBase for Load Balancing

Hello Team,

Is it possible to have single DB for 2 OD Servers. We recently upgraded to 3.x and we would like to have 2 servers for OD 3.x with Load Balancing. But when I navigate to License page on both servers OD configuration, I’m seeing the error that I can’t deploy new releases as my DB is having 2 active nodes. Please suggest me, how can I fix it.



Thanks for reaching out. What you are trying to configure falls under the umbrella of our High Availability feature, which has a separate tier RE licensing.

More info about HA: http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/High+Availability

Licensing: https://octopus.com/purchase (see the “High Availability” edition)

To stop getting that error message, delete the extra node(s) from the OctopusServerNode table on your database. You should only have 1 node on that table until you get an HA license.


I just realized that I’m using a wrong license. And thank you so much for the quick response!