2.6 to 3.4 quirk/error


I’ve just performed a migration from out 2.6 server to 3.4.x server. Initially I swear I saw the migrated projects from 2.6 AND the pre-existing projects that already existed on the 3.4.x server.

After I tinkered a little with the lifecycles for the imported projects, I can no longer see the original projects that existed on the 3.4.x box.

Is there any way to confirm that the projects are still existing “somewhere” and can be restored? Yes, I’ve made numerous backups, but am hoping the lack of visibility of the projects is just something that I’ve messed up with the import.

I don’t want to upload any log files yet (maybe privately) but will upload what I can when requested. Yes, I know it’s not a lot to go on, but am wondering if there are known problems? Or something obvious?



Hi Ken,

Thanks for getting in touch! The migration never deletes anything, it does however overwrite. Names are considered unique. So if the projects had unique names there should not be a problem.

Assuming the migration went correctly and you just used the Octopus Manager to do the migration without new instances or installations I would put permissions high on my list of ‘things’ that could make you not see the projects.

Permissions would be overwritten by the migration. Are you an administrator user?

Let me know what you find.

The project names were unique (was paranoid about that).
Yes, I’m an administrator on OD.

Which permissions in OD were you thinking of? My user isn’t a part of the missing projects?


You’re right… permissions/groups were out of whack. phew not fixed but I can see the other projects appearing as I tinker.

Thanks. You’ve definitely lowered my heart rate :slight_smile:

Hi Ken,

Glad to hear it. Let us know if you find any other issues.