deployments do not work

On a new environment we have installed the Octopus server and tentacles and imported a backup of a previous working installation.
Deployments from the new setup just hang, no timeouts, no errors they get stuck during the nuget package download.

I am at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this issue since I do not see errors and there are no connectivity issues between the server and the tentacles and the nuget packages are accessible as well.

Turns out I had to reset the connection and that resolved the issue.
I guess the backup still was using something from the previous install.

Hi Abdullah,

I am glad you were able to resolve this issue. May I ask if you have plans to upgrade from 2.6 to a more recent version of Octopus?


Hi Vanessa

Our license currently is for the 2.x series only.

What would be the cost to move up to the 3.x series?



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Hi Abdullah,

To upgrade from 2.x to 3.x you need to have a valid maintenance on your license. If this has expired renewing your license is all you need to qualify for 3.x.
We have an upgrade self-service page where you can get a quote/invoice: https://octopus.com/upgrade

Or you can reach out to sales @octopus.com