2.4.2 - Bug - Step template changes won't apply to existing project tasks

It appears that step template updates are not being refreshed in the project even though I clicked the Update in the project step, saved, and created a new release. I have attached a series of screenshots of what I did.

I saved the template after making my changes.
I clicked the Update button in the project step and clicked Save on that step after clicking Update.
I created a new release with new nuget packages.

None of the above pulled the template changes.

The only thing that DID work is to create a NEW step in the project and then changes on the template were used, but only on that new step (all the other steps used the old one, even though they were ‘updated’)

step_template_bug.docx (43 KB)

Thanks so much for the detailed report Josh, we’ll fix this in 2.4.3.