2.4.2 Bug? Powershell steps

Hey, I seem to be having problems with my Powershell steps. They exit with a 0 status, but there is no output at all - the two steps in the attached grab are single-liners that should call Write-Host, but as you can see, nothing is shown. I’m pretty certain that wasn’t the case previously. Is there something I’m missing, here?

Hi Gee,

Thanks for reporting this. Would it be possible to see a copy of the script steps, and a full deployment log?



Hi Paul,
This was a bit of a false alarm. It turns out I was caught by the bug reported here - my original Powershell step didn’t create any output, but after modifying the template and updating the instance, I still wasn’t seeing anything. I then created additional test steps, but made the unfortunate decision to write out a variable which doesn’t contain a value for Powershell steps (as it just wraps the Octopus.Action.Package.CustomInstallationDirectory variable by default) and also happened to be the cause for the original template failing. Once I replaced that variable with plain text, the test steps worked. Removing and re-adding the original step template as detailed in the original report then got that working as expected.

Ahh, thanks for the update Gee!