1.1 upgrade - Migration0001MachineRoles exception


I’ve just upgraded from to After installation was complete, I ran the admin console, and hit Restart on the Server tab. The script errored out at Migration0001MachineRoles stage though (log attached).

The service is up and running, but all machines have gone from the environments/steps. Is there a way to retrieve them, or will I need to re-add?


OctopusRestartService.log (11 KB)

Hi David,

Did you have an environment with no machines in it?


Hmmm yes, I think there was…

Cool, OK, there’s a bug in the upgrader - I’ll fix it and release a new version. You’ll need to restore a backup of your Octopus database which I’ll provide instructions on.


ah brilliant - thanks for the speedy response!

Hi David,

I just released version 1.1.6 to the downloads page which should fix the issue.

  1. Install the 1.1.6 installer, but don’t run the admin tool (uncheck the option in the last step of the MSI wizard)
  2. In services.msc, ensure the Octopus service is stopped
  3. Find a recent backup in your C:\Octopus\Data\Backups folder from before the failed upgrade attempt

From a command line, run:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Octopus\Server\Octopus.Server.exe" restore -f "<path-to-backup>"

(Changing the paths where appropriate)

It should restore a backup of your database. Now from your start menu, find and run the admin tool again, and start/restart the Octopus service from the admin tool to force it to migrate. This time it should be successful.


Hi Paul

All working now - many thanks again for the quick turnaround.
(really like the new project grouping & roles btw!)